Billed as the reference for the race simulation on smartphone and tablet. Real Racing 3 is it to live up to our expectations? What is Free to play changes the game? Can we speak of a revolution?

After two titles to his credit, FireMonkeys (formerly Firemint) presents what appears to be the new benchmark games driving games on Smartphones and Tablets.

From the first minutes of the game, Real Racing 3 graphically impressive and ranks as the best racing game on this platform. The visual rendering of cars is absolutely amazing, the attention to modeling every detail is noted. The decorations are no exception and are also very well made, textures are convincing as the circuits that despite feeling empty correspond to real (or Hockeinheim Silverstone).
Level lifetime, the game features more than 900 trials and more than 70 cars to buy and customize, or many hours of addicting gameplay.

A graphical beauty is added the realistic behavior of vehicles, coupled with superb handling, will join any gamer. Maneuverability, adjustable early in the race, is both flexible and accurate, to the point where you feel a big difference when it switches between different models of cars where we do not have enough maintenance.

Exactly, Real Racing pushes the player to “spare” her vehicle, maintain and make repairs if necessary or risk being seriously handicapped in future races. This system is very well done and provides additional player immersion but refers to a recurring problem in the game.

Indeed, Real Racing 3 is a Free To Play, so you can download it on your devices and try to perfect technical demo (intro with the Porsche). However, like any good player who respects you want to go further in the game. And so that’s where the trouble starts, you have to pay or be patient.
This is part of one of the main criticisms we can make this game during repair, maintenance, or other customizations to your car, you will pay. The money will come from your victories and bonuses earned, so far this is normal, except that you have to wait tens and tens of minutes while your repair is done. Your car is immobilized, if you want to play immediately you have to give some gold coins. The latter is not very heavy you will be in some cases short and therefore tempted to buy. The exorbitant price of the most tempting vehicles push you forward when out your credit card. This can easily be bypassed by downloading the real racing 3 hack

The downside can be happily and simply bypassed. Indeed, you need to be patient, make some modifications to your vehicle to keep your place on the podium and especially avoid accepting untimely procurement proposals offered by the game as soon as you get a nice amount of money

Is not the only negative we can add the disappointment of not finding that very few models. Only 70 cars in the game of brands (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti and Audi) will be available, much of it at exorbitant prices.

IA side, Firemonkeys proposes a system called TSM is Time Shifted Multiplayer it is an “innovative” technique that clearly puts you face to “Ghosts” of friends and other players around the world. So your enemies will not see their behavior change depending on you but follow a “preset” with a friend or any golf player, which distorts the real challenge during the race. Fortunately a recent update lets you play against friends via GameCenter Live.

Finally, Real Racing 3 is not the big hit as expected but does not make it a failure. Despite its minor flaws this title is undoubtedly a reference type. With 900 events, 70 cars, stunning graphics and a very nice handling, it would be a crime to miss out on this excellent title especially at the price where it is.

BBM starts with a bang on the App Store

BlackBerry launched last night BBM , its messaging solution for iPhone and Android (read: BBM for iPhone rivals BBM PC). The application was quite expected he seems. Within a few hours, five million users have downloaded BBM as dedicated service Twitter account. This data can be felt if the ranking of the most downloaded free apps we see on the App Store. BBM is first on the podium or in the top 5 in many countries.

Obviously, it is certain that many people have downloaded the application of curiosity. It remains to be seen if the success will last several days. Also, BBM uses a PIN system, a series of 8 characters including numbers and letters. If the user has the PIN of any person under his hand, he can not do anything. He needs to ask his contacts that famous PIN. Do we still need the contacts in question have BBM on their iPhone or Android smartphone.
Meanwhile, the success should be highlighted. BlackBerry will soon be sold, the manufacturer is exploring all the deals on this and hope to get the best. Big names like Google or Samsung, are interested in this purchase. But others are more interested, leaving the two on the side.

Fixed Internet outage only partly: disorder in O2

Many users of the DSL provider O2 no longer come since Saturday morning on the Internet. Also, the telephone network is down in the affected regions. O2 has confirmed the problem and working on a solution. Meanwhile, the Internet in many regions does work again - but still not everywhere. 24.08 .: Update One day after onset of the disorder seems to be over the worst though, as on allesstö be seen, but there are still users the Internet is paralyzed. Even in the O2 forum is user complain on Sunday about a missing network connection. So the all-clear, we can not give. O2 has not further commented on the incident.

O2: Germany Length Restrictions
A moderator of O2 has Saturday morning in O2 Forum pointed to massive problems with Internet access via DSL provider. Thus, regions in Germany are affected by the complete Internet outage - the corresponding phone services are currently unusable. According to the presenters, the technology is working to rectify the error, so that users can surf again and call soon.

Robo Brain: Robots learn independently

U.S. researchers at the University Cornwell want robots to teach logical mind. Under the project name “Robo Brain” a computer system processes all public information and actions from the Internet and so builds up a huge database. If a robot with an unfamiliar situation or a new object confronted, he can draw on the information from “Robo Brain” and will automatically be memorize.

Man as a model
The learning process works here similar to humans. While these nowadays access to smartphones and the Internet to get information in the short term, robots operate in the future Robo Brain and its infinite wealth of data. This is intended to robot and human to be better helpers in the home and everyday life. So the robot is to learn, for example, at the sight of a coffee cup of Robo Brain that this is to be filled with liquid content and then must be maintained in order not to spill. Also, the autonomous driving car will benefit in its development of the project.

"Hi, I’m Robo Brain. I scour the internet to learn concepts … "
The learning curve of the Robo Brain can be on the homepage of the project follow publicly. Here, as well as other information about the project and the last things learned the Robo Brain are listed. So Robo Brain invites at the moment a billion pictures, thousands of YouTube videos and countless tutorials in its database in order to make the robots in the given case available. In addition, the users are invited to vote for correct actions and objects and to contribute their comments and observations on the project. Officially the project is also supported by Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm.