My youngest was writing a story in class about a little girl who changed colours every time she ate something. It was a silly story, and a boy in her class asked her what would happen if she ate paper. The teacher overheard and told the kids, “Oh then she’d be back to normal!”

My daughter told me about this story, because she couldn’t understand why the teacher assumed the character was white. This really bothered her. Being a pedantic child, she also could not fathom why the teacher doesn’t seem to understand that White people are not actually the colour of paper. “Does she think the girl turned Native when she ate the raspberry!?” she asked me.

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Original character designs for Storm by Dave Cockrum

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I know she’s promoting that movie (which I’m equal parts excited about and creeped out by) but I feel this.

I know she’s promoting that movie (which I’m equal parts excited about and creeped out by) but I feel this.

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Anonymous asked: My library puts these "African American" stickers on the spines of books with black authors. Is this racist because it tells white people they don't have to care about these books, or is it OK because it helps out black people who want to read books by black authors? This is the downtown branch of the library that gets used by lots and lots of people of every race.


Judging by the quality of questions I get, racists don’t need a sticker to ignore books.

They do this at my library too but now they’re going to switch to the “Urban” category instead bc that somehow makes more sense…





alpacas look like llamas but they not but llamas look like camels but the not and camels could be giraffes but they not cause the spots n the neck but like why do so many animals look alike but they not? why is that? 

shut up martin luther king jr

i had a dream tho 

grow up and eat an ass bianca 

This is actually a really good observation. You’re basically talking about different types or patterns of evolution. Camels look like alpacas and llamas (as well as vicuñas and guanacos) because they are part of the same family (the Camelids) and all originated from the same species several tens of millions of years ago in North America. This is an example of divergent evolution. Camels have similar traits to giraffes because they were adapting to the similar-ish conditions (or selective pressure a la natural selection). This would be parallel evolution where they both evolved long necks/limbs, allowing them to take advantage of an underutilized resource (higher leaves). The scientific name for the giraffe is actually Giraffa camelopardalis because whoever named them thought they were like a cross between the camel and the leopard, which is terrifying.

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AU: Zayn starts dating Tiffany “New York” Pollard. Harry, trying to be friendly, makes a joke on twitter that Tiffany did not find amusing at all. Zayn is upset that his best friend and girlfriend can’t get along, but that doesn’t stop Harry and Tiffany from hating on each other. Harry takes the whole situation as a joke but Tiffany ain’t playin around.


?!?!?!?!?!?! ??????????????

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I think the most painful realisation comes when you find that you cannot speak your mother tongue as well as you do the language of the land where you grew up. My English is evidence of this. When something as simple as a colour, or the name of an animal in your mother tongue leaves you dumb. Yesterday I could not find the word for ‘turtle’ in Somali, only after my mother reminded me, did I recall knowing it.

We betray our mother tongues, for the languages of nations who will never fully accept us. We let the strangeness infest our mouths until we forget how to accommodate our original tongues.


mother tongue, Farah Gabdon (via thegabdonwrites)

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Imagining giggling over the phone with family because it’s hard to talk is really cute. Spending the time together even through distance without conversation is cute.

True and my grandma is even qter than I am! She has ears like an elf I’m SO jealous. She never went to school really but she’s really smart and funny I just wanna know like… what she’s saying other than “I love you a lot” even though that’s probably the most important thing I can say in Rukiga sighhh

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yupyaki4life asked: 16. It better be that party we had soph yr. wit dub house *menacing glare* if not thaz cool too

16. Talk about the best party you’ve ever been to.

That party we had soph yr. wit dub house.

Was that even sophomore year? I have no idea abt time. It’s hard to remember staying up that late I’m so old now. That was fun. This summer was fun. Being w/ you and Melcy is always a party. Can we all go to the reunion please (cc: naomitaughtme, ffandf, fukanzu). 

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